B is for Botany and Biophilia

B is for Botany and Biophilia | Colorful Living xx Ashley

Breaking down botany, biophilia and the importance of good friendships.

Wiki says the term botany means, “the scientific study of plants, a branch of biology,” and biophilia means, “love of life or living systems.”

It goes on to explain philias are pretty much the opposite of phobias, so more attractions and good vibes instead of fears and disgusts. Now I think that we the people need a hell of a lot more philias going on than phobias in general, but especially when it comes to each other and this planet. But this is not about phobias and philias. This is about love.

Random, I know. Why is this under the botanical category? Just wait.

A while ago, I read an article on HighExistence called The 4 Hidden Flavors of Modern Love and How They Radically Impact Your Relationships. It was a dope read – I highly recommend it. Essentially it breaks down four ancient philosophical conceptions of love and then four modern psychological approaches to modern love.

The article explains, “Philia is a love built on respect, equality, familiarity, and understanding”. Loyalties, Friends, Community are all captured within this type of love. Apparently the ancients thought friendship was the “happiest and most fully human of all loves,” and scientifically it’s the most unnatural; it is the love that is chosen. Damn – those ancients were smart! Now for me, that’s huge. Growing up in, and finally separating from an unhealthy family situation, my friends are the family I created. The people we continually collaborate with on art also have dope attitudes toward friendship. Similar to Aristotle’s idea that friendship should be mutually beneficial, especially when it comes to happiness. It’s so sad to see a lot of people take advantage or completely ignore friendships. WTF are you wasting your own time for? If you’re hanging out with an asshole, or someone who doesn’t have your back, that’s just insane. There are good people out there that would love to care about you! I know I have a lot of all kinds of love to give, and that’s one reason I’ve started this blog. Anyway, read the article and learn how to develop and deepen the love in your life.

B is for Botany and Biophilia | Colorful Living xx Ashley

Back to botany and biophilia.

Biophilia is our friendship with nature, or other forms of life. It’s the attraction to the big, cute eyes of a baby animal or a garden that will provide food – it’s the shit that keeps us happy and alive. Now large portions of us are in offices all day until we head back to our small living spaces, and we never really see gardens, animals, and wide-open spaces. We’ve ignored our relationship with living systems. And just like our friendships are important to us as humans, so is our relationship with nature. It actually improves our health and well-being. I’m not a Dr. or a Scientist or a Specialist on biophilias (such a fun word), but what I can tell you is that I love when architecture, and companies, and homes includes biophilic design. Any time a space includes elements from nature, it improves cognitive functions and creativity, and reduces stress. I used to have fake plants in my place that mostly collected dust, so a few years ago I tossed them. I’ve now been building up a collection of various real trees and flowers. Taking a tech break to water a succulent or prune a shrub is the cheapest form of therapy. PLUS having plants in your place helps keep the air you breath fresh. Hell, grow a lemon tree and use them in your beverages. And if what you’re growing can’t be eaten, it will still feed your soul! Better people = better communities. So do yourself and the world a favour, and get some nature up in your place.

B is for Botany and Biophilia | Colorful Living xx Ashley B is for Botany and Biophilia | Colorful Living xx Ashley



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