How to Holiday Baking – THC Edition


How to Holiday Baking – THC Edition | Colorful Living xx Ashley

The children were nestled all snug in their beds;
While visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads;

As a sugar addict, holiday baking is a constant highlight during the festive season. Cookies, candies, dessert-in-a-cup coffees, chocolates, and peppermint ice cream: the list of holiday yummies is long, tasty, and colorful. There is a reason holiday treats have made it into so many songs and poems!

“There’s a happy feeling
Nothing in the world can buy,
When they pass around the coffee
And the pumpkin pie,
It’ll nearly be like a picture print
By Currier and Ives,
These wonderful things are the things
We remember all through our lives!”

I’m not an advanced chef or baker; however, I’ve always found baking to be fairly easy, just follow the recipe. The last few years I’ve added an extra ingredient and been baking more than ever! The special festive ingredient: THC. At first I used Phoenix Tears, a THC oil. Lately, I use THC honey from the local medical dispensary. Both options work great in baking. I have easily added this to any old passed down recipe, or new one I want to try from Pinterest. The only time I’ve ever had a problem was when I also added food coloring to an already super chewy recipe. The cookies were still edible, just a little flat and extra chewy.

Edibles are no new thing and according to Wiki, “The first known cannabis-infused food was in India, where people have prepared food and drink with bhang for millennia, for both spiritual and medicinal purposes.” One of my first experiences with an edible was really intense. Some would call it a bad trip. Looking back on it, my life was changing drastically in many ways and that experience made me stop and evaluate what I wanted in my life. While I don’t necessarily wish to relive that night, I’m glad it happened.

How to Holiday Baking – THC Edition | Colorful Living xx Ashley

Since then, I’ve stopped buying edibles and started making my own. Not because of that experience, but because it makes more sense to me than spending +$5 a cookie. I find that with the THC honey, whatever I’m baking has a nice, light, relaxing effect. A nibble before bed is like having a yummy glass of heavy wine. Sleep often comes quick and easy. While my dreams may be a bit more adventurous on nights I’ve eaten a festive cookie, there are no more bad trips or moments of panic. Nothing but chill vibes and sugary sweetness!

How to Holiday Baking – THC Edition | Colorful Living xx Ashley

I know a lot more people are willing to try THC or CBD in various forms these days, as more honest and accurate information is being shared. It’s really unfortunate that marijuana has been given such a bad rep, and that countless people could have benefited from the herb that’s been such a taboo topic for so long.

How to Holiday Baking – THC Edition | Colorful Living xx Ashley

Perhaps a gift of home-made edibles would be a nice option for your family member or loved one this year, as an alternative to all the pharmaceutical drugs that they are recommended for their various ailments. Whether it’s for chronic pain or anxiety, edibles can help alleviate many symptoms. Just be sure to test your baking before giving it to someone else! Obviously, let them know what’s in the baking. And always start off with just a bite, and give it time to feel the effects.

How to Holiday Baking – THC Edition | Colorful Living xx Ashley

“Oh, the weather outside is frightful
But the fire is so delightful
And since we’ve no place to go
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

It doesn’t show signs of stopping
And I’ve brought some corn for popping
The lights are turned way down low
Let is snow, let it snow, let it snow”

Whether your holiday baking is laced with THC or just straight up sugar, be sure to make lots to share with friends. Have fun with the messy kitchen and crank up the Christmas tunes! And don’t stress on making them picture perfect. The snowflake cookie still tastes amazing even though the icing melted off the side, and a few are missing an arm. Do snowflakes have arms? No, they’re called branches. Also, this just in, snowflakes are dust particles that have attracted cold water droplets, which then freeze when it’s cold enough. Think of that the next time you’re out and about catching “snowflakes” on your tongue…

As (sort of) famously stated by Marie-Antoinette, “Eat cake bitches”!



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