Fires of My Desires

Fires of my Desires | Colorful Living xx Ashley

Come on baby, light my fire | The Doors

I used to scream every night for my parents because I thought the house was on fire. It must have started shortly after those people brought the small model house to the elementary school to show you what to do when there is a fire. Do you remember that? Those people sucked! Totally scared the shit out of me. I was so sure I would burn to death. Turns out, it was a red Christmas light that I was seeing every night. I’m a winner like that.

Nowadays, I love fire. Campfires, bonfires, fireplaces scattered throughout homes, even just a lonely candle will make me smile. There’s something mesmerizing about the dance of the flame. These types of fires are simultaneously relaxing and energizing. Seasonal wildfires that burn up countryside’s and communities are a different beast and they demand a different respect. I’m sure in many cases the damage we’re doing to the planet is increasing these fires. Mother Nature will only take so much from us.

My ideal afternoon would be chilling next to a fire (maybe near an ocean/river or in the middle of the forest) with a dope book, a delicious glass of wine and a blunt. Add some dogs and cats and its heaven!

Fires of my Desires | Colorful Living xx Ashley

Where I live now is dope. Not bragging, we totally scored, and I love it. The location, view, space, all of it is great. The number one thing I want to add is some sort of fire. Sure, I have tealights and candles going most nights. But I want a blaze damnit! I’m pretty sure my cat would be down too. We sit in front of a little space heater to brush her, and I’m thinking I can step up my game here. I mean shit, if Led Zeppelin can figure out a fireplace on a plane, I think I can for my condo.

Fireplaces in the living room are typical and I think they’re most appreciated here. It’s where people are supposed to gather – but we all know the party is in the kitchen. I love the idea of a wood burning stove in a kitchen nook! To have a fireplace in a bathroom ensuite or bedroom is a dreamy setup. I mean ya, sure you can do it on the rug in the living room in front of the slow burning fire, straight outta Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers Once Upon a Christmas, but imagine doing it in the tub next to a roaring fire! Serious mood setting. Actually, let’s kick it old school mansion style and rock a fire in every room. Does fire turn anyone else on, or am alone here?!

I got a bad desire, Oh-oh-oh I’m on fire | Bruce Springsteen

A fireplace on the patio is also another option. People with yards or large patios can do this easily and I think the effect can be awesome; especially the ones that put in the effort to personalize the area, so it doesn’t feel like you’re at some chain restaurant patio. It’s your home – it should express you! For outdoor spaces that allow wood burning fires, I love the look of a clean, large, metal bowl – very simple, and elegant. I would be stoked to have this setup, but it makes sense that condo living doesn’t allow it. I don’t want to worry about my neighbours building a bonfire on their patio and burning the building down.

Propane is another option allowed in most places, and I prefer the ones that keep the tank and cords all hidden. Unfortunately, I haven’t come across many of these that are on the smaller side. There is lots of DIY’s online to build your own custom fire pit/stand/table or you can go the electric route. The only thing to watch out for with the electrical options is that some of them just look like a TV screen, and you’re watching that fire channel over the holidays. I prefer the ones that are built into some kind of stove or mantel that doesn’t look tacky.

Here are some fireplaces I’m interested in. What’s your favorite??


Fires of my Desires | Colorful Living xx Ashley


Fires of my Desires | Colorful Living xx Ashley



Fires of my Desires | Colorful Living xx Ashley



Fires of my Desires | Colorful Living xx AshleyLIMESTONE PROPANE FIRE PIT


Fires of my Desires | Colorful Living xx AshleyFIREFLY SCULPTURAL FIREBOWL


Fires of my Desires | Colorful Living xx AshleyPROPANE TABLETOP FIREPLACE


That’s it, I’m heading to the river to have a fire. There will be s’mores, weed, and wine. Meet me there?



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