Intro To Colorful Living

Intro To Colorful Living | Colorful Living xx Ashley

A bit about me and this blog. Holla! Let’s do this.

…and here comes the brand new flava in ya ear…

Straight up, I’m a sugar addict (I’m sort of working on it, but mostly working out). Also, I have never baked so much, or so often, since THC honey came into my life. Look into it.

Artist/Creative Director for Kris Por Studio. We produce colorful, fun, sexy photography with dope people for dope people to enjoy worldwide. Large scale photograph prints for the win.

Some things I appreciate: architecture/furniture/art/nature/designs/conscious people

Fun Fact: I used to go to the RV show every year and random open houses on Sundays; I love to walk through a space to imagine what it would be like to live in it and design improvements/changes; my first magazine subscription was Architectural Digest.

Cat/animal/planet lover. Eddie at @blackjaguarwhitetiger is my hero. He is such a legit human being.

Being out in nature simultaneously feeds my soul and terrifies me (I live near mountains with bears and cougars) – maybe I’m subconsciously turning my house into a scene from Jumanji so I won’t have to go outside to get the good vibes….

Give me 90’s hip-hop, big band jazz standards, or psychedelic rock – I love a wide variety in most categories, except vegetables. Please pass the potatoes.

I literally can’t hear you if I’m reading.

I’m so over corporate soul sucking lifestyles. 9-5 anyone?

No bullshit, no religion here. I believe we’re all meat popsicles, and we’re fucking up the world, but I’m hopeful we can do better.

All you need is love (but life can be hard).

Life is not picture perfect; the problem with picture perfect is once it starts to crack, it just shatters. It’s too shallow with nothing solid holding it together. Been there, done that.

This blog is me sharing how I live colorfully and hopefully inspiring others to do the same. If you’re not feeling it, then like Joey Coco Diaz says, you can sniff, lick, or suck it.



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