New Year, Old Skin

New Year, Old Skin | Colorful Living xx Ashley

Most of us have routines. We do things without even thinking of them. Unless we’re going for the YouTube beauty look, make-up application can be done in our sleep. But besides being bombarded everywhere with what next amazing product we need, do we really know why we do what we do to our bodies?

I used to tan every single day at a tanning salon. In the summers I would pop into the salon for a quick tan and then head to the beach all day. Tanning felt good, the lotions smelt good, and I thought that I looked better. Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and Paris Hilton were all rocking the golden glow and I wanted to as well – such a high school mentality.

It wasn’t getting numerous spots of skin cancer that made me give up after years of tanning. It was a random pregnancy mask. Apparently being on the pill and tanning can have the same outcome as being pregnant – minus the tot. Little scars all over my body didn’t bother me, but the dark line on my upper lip scared the shit out of me.

Once I decided to embrace the alabaster look, I wanted my skin to look the very best. Every day I wear sunscreen on my face, and wherever my body is exposed – no matter what the weather. Some people don’t care about wrinkles and sunspots, and that’s great for them being comfortable in their skin. But since giving up tanning I’m trying to repair my skin and prevent further damage. Have you seen the old school celebrities like Dolly Parton? Face still looks great (shoutout to their Dr.’s), but they wear gloves on their hands to hide the aging and damage.

The amount of appointments, money and time spent to improve our looks is insane. Nails, waxing, laser, make-up, highlights, fillers, whiteners, tattooing, and tinting – the list goes on! And then of course there’s the maintenance. If I’m going to do any of these things I want to have a good fucking reason, and I better be doing it for me.

I used to do a lot of these enhancements, and I still do some. There are others I would like to try, and some I regret. I think it can be fun to experiment, and I’m all about easy, non-invasive options. I don’t like to sign up for something that can’t be undone. On the other hand, procedures are advancing like crazy and I can totally see myself doing more of these as I age. I mean look at boob jobs from the 80’s to today! I’ve felt some greats tits lately, but for now I’m good with my own, and fondling others.

I’m not a fan of needles, but the crease between my brows was beginning to resemble the Grand Canyon. At a free facial in Sephora I found out about Kate Somerville’s + Retinol Firming Eye Cream, and I love it. It’s an eye cream but I use it daily on my forehead, and it totally smoothed over the canyon on my face. Thank you Kate!

New Year, Old Skin | Colorful Living xx Ashley

Every winter my lips get insanely dry, obviously from the cold af winter weather and probably also from the intake of bubbles, vino, and other holiday cheer. This year I was thinking ahead and purchased the Bite Beauty Everyday Agave Lip Collection. The scrub, balm, and mask are so yummy and have protected my lips from harm. The mask is my favourite out of the trio, and I think I’ll get it next time in Champagne for a touch of color. Bite is such an awesome, wholesome, colorful company!

New Year, Old Skin | Colorful Living xx Ashley

A dope tip I got from Victoria Secret model Josephine Skriver on a Vogue video, was to dye my own brows. Being pale and blonde I can look like an albino unless I deal with my brows and lashes, and sometimes I don’t want to fuck around with drawing them in. Like when I‘m on vacation, or camping, or just because they end up crooked and are a pain in the ass! So, she mentioned she uses men’s beard dye to tint her brows, and I’ve now done the same! It’s fucking great! One box was $8, it’s super easy to apply, and it’ll last multiple times. No more $20/tint sessions for me.

Whether you get product from Sephora, the corner store, or a Dr., get what works for you. To start the year off right, I’m cleansing my stock. If it’s old as fuck, or I haven’t used it in ages then it’s gone. Giving the make up brushes a good shampoo, and using up product before starting a new one. Best part of purging is finding forgotten favs, and getting to play with new looks. It all becomes new again once it’s organized and easily visible.

Whatever your daily routine is, makes sure that it involves taking care of the inside as well. Not necessarily like an enema, but that your soul is as beautiful as your skin.



  1. Awwww Ashley . . . this weekly dose rang true to me. No more tanning after cancerous spots and am now covered in scabs and assorted other crapola I get cryo-ed off periodically. I used to love tanning, loved, LOVED it. Tanned at the salon, then came home and tanned in the sun. So relaxing . . . and I thought I looked great! However . . . since I’ve given it up (years ago), I now have a huge flower garden that I love, and a huge veggie garden that I LOVE even more, and I feed Mark and me, and Tara’s little family, and many of Tara’s friends in Vancouver and we eat fresh veggies for more months than not!!! Enough garlic to last a full year, onions that last nearly a year. Rainbow carrots, tomatoes, cukes, kale, herbs, and so much more. Previously I spent all my time tanning. I also knit wonderful things and read more, in the shade of the cherry tree. This is all good. Re makeup . . . some of mine is . . . oh never mind!. I get a thrill these days having about 6 different shampoos in my shower, that I rotate. For the most part, Aveda is my FAVE, though there are many others I enjoy too. Bumble & Bumble ‘Save The Day’, is my new FAVE aprés shampoo product, if you want to give it a try. Keep writing, I LOVE it!


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