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All You Need Is Love | Colorful Living xx Ashley

All You Need Is Love

Don Draper: "Oh, you mean love. You mean the big lightning bolt to the heart where you can't eat and you can't work and...
My Mostly Grown Up Christmas List | Colorful Living xx Ashley

My Mostly Grown Up Christmas List

It all began with a pen and the fat ass Sears Wish Book. Desired items would be circled, and fingers crossed that they showed...
Fires of my Desires | Colorful Living xx Ashley

Fires of My Desires

Come on baby, light my fire | The Doors I used to scream every night for my parents because I thought the house was on...
Favorite Fall Things | Colorful Living xx Ashley

Favorite Fall Things

What I do, and do not like about fall. I love blood, gore, vampires and witches as much as the next bitch. Dark visuals are...