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More Than a Glossy Love for Coffee Table Books | Colorful Living xx Ashley

More Than a Glossy Love for Coffee Table Books

They're hard, large, and bring so much joy. No not dick, I'm talking about books of course! Specifically, coffee table books. I love all types...
Collect What You Love | Colorful Living xx Ashley

Collect What You Love

There are countless ways to add color to your life thru art. It could be a framed photo of nature, a psychedelic trippy painting, or...
B is for Botany and Biophilia | Colorful Living xx Ashley

B is for Botany and Biophilia

Breaking down botany, biophilia and the importance of good friendships. Wiki says the term botany means, "the scientific study of plants, a branch of biology,"...
Favorite Fall Things | Colorful Living xx Ashley

Favorite Fall Things

What I do, and do not like about fall. I love blood, gore, vampires and witches as much as the next bitch. Dark visuals are...
Intro To Colorful Living | Colorful Living xx Ashley

Intro To Colorful Living

A bit about me and this blog. Holla! Let’s do this. ...and here comes the brand new flava in ya ear... Straight up, I'm a sugar addict...